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Duncan Campbell and the Mammut Ophir Harness, 5 kbHarnesses are one of the key pieces of equipment for most climbers, and one that gets used day in, day out, yet is often overlooked.

In this review Duncan Campbell puts the Mammut Ophir through its paces...

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For trad climbing do you not miss one more rack round the back Duncan? Or are you used to putting everything you want on four racks?
Duncan Campbell - on 22 Aug 2014
In reply to UKC Gear:
Hi Toby,

No I don't miss an extra gear loop if I'm honest. I never used it on my DMM renegade and find that a nut key, belay device, screwgate and a couple of extra snapgates for building belays works pretty well split between the two back loops.

I put some quickdraws on the front loops with my rack and have the extras on the back two with belay kit.

My standard rack is 4 krabs of wires, 7 cams and 14 quickdraws which worked pretty well on the Ophir.


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zigzag - on 25 Aug 2014
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I read this review with interest, I have no backside to talk of and had great trouble in keeping my harness on loaded with gear, so I made myself a Bandolier..... Problem sorted, see the rock, see your feet. Why manufactures haven't pushed Bandoliers escapes me.
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They have always made them but the padded ones tend to be annoying that the padded bits slips round you and then you can't use it very well.

60 cm skinny slings work well in winter for bandoliers but they can be a bit annoying in summer.

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