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Topic - Leading a funeral service - advice

Ben Sharp - on 01 Sep 2014
I was wondering if anyone had any experience of leading a funeral service and what's involved. My Gran died yesterday and I'm meeting with the funeral director tomorrow, she wasn't religious so it seems the options are hiring a celebrant or doing it yourself, which seems quite daunting but also a bit more personal and paying someone to read something you've essentially had to write for them seems a bit pointless.

I've only been to one funeral and my memories of it were quite vague, there were more people and it was a natural burial mostly with younger (ish) people and quite informal. This is a cremation and my gran was 98 so I'm not sure what to expect with this, it will probably be quite a small gathering...the joys of getting to 98 mean you've outlived most of the people that would have attended your funeral.

Would be interested to hear from anyone whose decided to go it alone so to speak and how they found it or what they had to do. I'm sure the funeral director will be able to explain a bit more but in my mind I'm thinking perhaps a reasonably informal service of just thanking people for turning up, saying practical things like the donation box and where the drinks will be after (if any, I'm not sure yet). Then a few words about her, invite people to speak then play some music and press the button. Is there anything else that a celebrant would do other than that?

The other question I had was about what happens afterwards, I know anything you want but apart from a few close family most of the people at the funeral I wont really know but then everyone being turfed out and going their own way seems a bit grim. Are there function rooms at crematoriums or does everyone just go somewhere else?

Any advice appreciated,
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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