/ Found shoes. Birchens edge.

Benni99 - on 14 Aug 2016
Birchen Edge

Hello. I found a pair of size 5.5 white/ grey worn Meindl approach shoes at birchens edge today. Speaking to one or two people left on the crag, they could belong to someone from the WTF weekend group. The pinnacle climbing group. Or the caribeeners. I'm in the Leeds area of anyone wants to claim them.
hazeysunshine - on 15 Aug 2016
In reply to Benni99:

Hi they're mine!
No I didn't walk down barefoot I had a pair of sandals too. Correct that I was part of the WTF bunch. TBH you're correct that they are worn, I've been looking for an excuse to buy a new pair for a while!

I'll PM you to sort retrieval. Many thanks
hazeysunshine - on 17 Aug 2016
In reply to hazeysunshine:

I've sent you an email - Hazel
Benni99 - on 24 Aug 2016
In reply to hazeysunshine:

Sorry Hazel Ive been moving house this week. could you resend your email?

hazeysunshine - on 24 Aug 2016
In reply to Benni99:

Just re-sent - thanks
Benni99 - on 26 Aug 2016
In reply to hazeysunshine:

I cant find it anywhere were are you sending it to? does it go to a section of UKclimbing I done know about?
hazeysunshine - on 26 Aug 2016
In reply to Benni99:

I'm clicking on the email button next to your name. So it goes to whichever email address you've registered with UKC, but it's not revealed to me!

Anyway, to copy and paste my email below (apologies to anyone else this is very boring so don't read it):

I live in Nottingham, so not convenient for handover. Are you ever near/ passing Leeds wall? I have a couple of friends who work there who might be willing to act as couriers and I'm likely to see in the next few weeks.

I hope we didn't inconvenience you too much at the crag, our group started out quite small and somehow got quite a bit bigger during the day!
Benni99 - on 30 Aug 2016
In reply to hazeysunshine:

No problem at all I'm at the Leeds wall on Thursday this week. Ill take them in. Who are your friends and Ill ask that they get them.

No inconvenience at all we had a fantastic day at the crag I think me and my partner put up 11-12 routes on the day. I felt it after. Never have an issue with other climbing groups we are all there to do the same thing.

Sorry for the delay I've been moving house.

hazeysunshine - on 31 Aug 2016
In reply to Benni99:

That would be great Marc - thanks!
Can you ask either Emma or Kasia. I'll get in touch with them separately to see if either of them will be there Thursday evening, and to ask them to look out for them.
No problem I know how stressful moving house can be, and it prompted me to buy a new pair!


hazeysunshine - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to hazeysunshine:

Hi again Marc - did you drop off my trainers at Leeds wall? Just checking as my friends have not been able to find them