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MBKShirley - on 29 Aug 2016
I've been having a few problems with my MSR Whisperlite recently so I figured I'd see whether I could get some good advice. I've used the stove perhaps 400 times in the last year or so. The first 300 times with barely a hitch, other than having to clean the fuel line a couple of times. Recently, though:

Problem 1:
May 24th: The fuel line o-ring deteriorated, I replaced it.
August 24th: Approximately 100 uses later it needed replacing again. This seems very short compared to how long the original o-ring lasted.

Problem 2:
June 30th: The pump cap deteriorated and I replaced it. I couldnt get the replacement to sit on the plunger (it got stuck in the tube after every down stroke), in the end I glued it in place. Whilst doing this job some grey/off-white stuff, in a sort of broken washer shape, came out from the bottom of the pump body. I couldnt figure out what it was and I didnt have a replacement in my pretty much brand-new service kit, so I ignored it. With hindsight it could have been a filter of some sort.
August 25th: The pump cap ripped in half, I suspect glueing it in place caused some fairly strange stresses and hence the ripping. I don't have another spare with me and hence can't pressurise my stove.

Problem 1 - was I just unlucky with the new O-ring? Is there anything else I should check?
Problem 2 - What was the white thing that fell out of the pump body? Why couldnt I get the new pump cap to remain on the plunger? Most importantly - I'm on the road (In Altai, Russia at the moment) and have no idea how or where I can get a replacement pump cap. Can anyone suggest a good bodge fix? It only has to last another 6 weeks or so!

Thanks in advance!
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I suspect the fuel you have been using may have affected the stove and damaged some parts - I suggest contacting Cascade about it. consumer@cascadedesigns.com
tjin - on 29 Aug 2016
In reply to MBKShirley:

Lube o-rings with silicone spray or grease. This prevents them from drying out and reduces wear and tear. I do this at the start and end of summer season (don't use it much in other seasons).

A dry pump seal in sub-zero conditions can also freeze and rip when not lubricated.

O-rings from the hardware store are a lot cheaper. Buy a multi pack with lots of sizes so you can fix loads of things at home.

Leather pump caps seems to be a lot more durable (when properly greased). Not sure if there are any shops in Russia where they can make one that fits a MSR...
MBKShirley - on 30 Aug 2016
Thanks for the advice. I emailed cascade, bought some spare o rings, managed to (sort of) fix the pump, and bought a gas canister burner as a spare. So hopefully I should be able to jeep cooking a Little longer!
MBKShirley - on 22 Sep 2016
A new question: What does the priming wick actually do? Mine fell apart a couple of weeks ago, but Ive had no trouble at all using the stove without it.
andyjohnson0 - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to MBKShirley:

The priming wick fell of my old whisperlite after a while but I carried on using it for years without any problems. The wick just seemed to hold the burning fuel nearer to the burner tube and maybe reduce flaring. Probably best to replace it though. I think the field maintenance kit includes a wick.

I switched to gas about ten years ago, so this is from memory.
MBKShirley - on 22 Sep 2016
The wick in my kit was a different shape and material to the original, and i couldnt figure out how to install it (due to the different shape). Bit strange! I guess I'll just carry on without....

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