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kermit_uk - on 11 Sep 2016
Had a lovely day out at Windgather today and popped all the routes in my log book but I'm confused by the ticklist below.


All the climbs at Windgather ticklist

It says I have ticked 57 of the 60 climbs on this ticklist yet they are all ticked?

How does that work then?
Martin McKenna - UKC - on 11 Sep 2016
In reply to kermit_uk:
So it looks like the route "Centre" has been added twice and the route "The Other Corner" has been added three times to this ticklist.

The count will be calculated based on the fact you have logged 57 unique routes and the total will just be the number of route enties associated with that ticklist, which because of the duplication is now 3 more than it should be.

Ideally you shouldn't be able to add duplicate routes to a ticklist. Minor bug but ill add it to the list of things to do.

Thanks for pointing this out.
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kermit_uk - on 11 Sep 2016
In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:

Ahhhh yes I see. I was just skimming down and saw they were all ticked.

I'm sure I have seen similar before cannot remember which list on but was certain the percentage looked wrong.

In reply to kermit_uk:

I've updated that ticklist to remove the duplication. There's quite a few people who've completed it now.
Dave Garnett - on 19 Sep 2016
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

Presumably you have to do it in a day for it to count?
In reply to Dave Garnett:

There's nothing in the ticklist description that limits it to a day. Besides, the ticklist system isn't sophisticated enough to limit the ticks to a time frame anyway.