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L JTiners on 15 Sep 2016
I'm looking for a regular climbing partner in the Sheffield area. I have been getting stuck in to some trad climbing over the summer by seconding routes at places like lawrencefield and yarncliffe but my partner for that is a bit short on time during the week. I'd like to make the most of the dark evenings over the winter to climb indoors and build up stamina/strength etc. I've never done any indoor climbing so probably best to start from basics. Really I just want to get down to a wall somewhere one evening a week ideally Monday or Tuesday due to other commitments. I can drive so happy to pick someone up/travel to a centre.

BAdhoc - on 15 Sep 2016
In reply to JTiners:

Id highly recommend the wed improvement session on at the works
stp - on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to JTiners:
Both the Foundry and Awesome Walls have auto belays so it's quite possible to go alone if you don't find anyone. They also have bouldering. If you see someone else on the auto belays you can always ask if they want to partner up. Otherwise boulderiing is a great way to improve so just head down to the Climbing Works, no partner needed.

Also there's a forum specifically for partners so this would be better posted there:

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L JTiners on 20 Sep 2016
In reply to BAdhoc:

Thanks, that sound like a good place to start, I'll check it out.
L JTiners on 20 Sep 2016
In reply to stp:

Ah okay thanks, sounds like that would work well then. Do they tend to fill up - would there be a better time to go?
stp - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to JTiners:

If it's busy I suppose one generally takes it turns. During the day time is usually quieter than the evenings and weekends. AW has a daytime special between 11.30 and 2pm for 4.50 so can be busier then but usually no prob with the auto belays.

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