/ Lost European Eagle Owl-Leek area

gear boy on 16 Sep 2016

Friends European Eagle Owl has gone for a fly around.... Leek area.

Please keep a look out for a BIG owl if you are out on the crags that way. see facebook link



gear boy on 16 Sep 2016
In reply to gear boy:

Still missing. Please keep an eye out if you are at crags around Leek.

It's a big owl! Not to be confused with a pigeon......
EddInaBox on 17 Sep 2016
I'm surprised that Darren Jackson hasn't popped up on this thread yet... hang on a minute, I don't mean surprised, I mean that other word that begins with 'S'... what is it again? Oh yes, 'suspicious'!
gear boy on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to EddInaBox: don't know if you mean suspicious post or suspicious that Darren Jackson hasn't been on the post.

I can guarantee you that it's no joke. There is a big pet owl flapping around



gear boy on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to gear boy:

Owl has been found and is safe back home
Michael Hood - on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to gear boy: That's good to hear, a "tame" eagle owl landing next to somebody to say hello might give them a bit of a shock - rather a big bird really