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Manton - on 17 Sep 2016
Does any one need a regular partner for scrambling and easy climbs in Snowdonia or anywhere for that matter?
Based in Wiltshire, Iím a novice mountaineer and Munroist (near completion) and have climbed a few peaks in the Alps and Pyrenees. My goal is to progress and broaden my skills with the aim of tackling the more technical alpine summits.
Rock climbing was new to me until the beginning of this year when I went on an excellent course in North Wales. I now have my own rack & rope and have lead a few very easy climbs with friends.
But finding people to go out scrambling / climbing with on a regular basis and with a similar objective (progression) is proving difficult.
Iím limited to weekends as I work flat out during the week and have family commitments.
But I do have my own car so can offer lifts.

If interested please get in contact.

leeboy1985 - on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to Manton:

Hi John

I'm always up for some mountain routes.
I should be able to get up north next weekend for a day if u fancy a climb and am always looking to get up north as much as possible.
My aims are quite similar to yours. I am hoping to get to the alps next summer for the first time. Got a course booked in Scotland in February. Need to improve on my Scrambling ability and quick transitions etc.
I did send you a mail but not sure if they are working or not

Manton - on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to leeboy1985:

Hi Lee,
Thanks for replying.
It sounds like we have similar ambitions regarding the Alps. I was out there this summer climbing Dufourspitze and the year before Mont Blanc. It was great fun and itís something I really want to continue doing.
I would definitely like to join up and do some climbs / scrambles in North Wales. There are so many great routes up there that would all offer good training for the Matterhorn and other more challenging 4000m peaks.
Iím busy next weekend but then free most other weekends except for end of October (school half term weekends 22nd/23rd and 29th/ 30th) and Oct 8th and 9th.
In October this leaves 1st or 2nd or 15th or 16th.
All weekends in November are all clear.
Do any of these suit you?
BTW, I took a look at your profile and youíre far ahead of me in experience. Iíve been doing most my climbing in B3 boots as this is what I wear out in the Alps. My hardest climb to date was Faith on Idwall Slabs as a second. I enjoyed that a lot so hopefully could second on some easier climbs.
I also tried replying through the online form but it doesnít seem to work at the moment. My email, in a slightly encrypted syntax, is: <myusername>hollowatGooglemaildotcom
BB1 - on 18 Sep 2016
In reply to Manton:

Hi John,
I'd be very happy to join you on some outings. I have a small rack as well and winter mountaineering gear. I don't do ice climbing (yet) but love the lower Scottish winter grades. I lead easy outdoor routes and climb indoor twice a week at Redpoint in Bristol.
All the best
Manton - on 19 Sep 2016
In reply to BB1:

Hi Bridgette,
Thank you, I would definitely like to join up for some climbing.
What's your weekend availability like during October and November?
I'm currently free 1st and 2nd October as well as 15th and 16th and then during November all weekends are clear.
If the online form on here doesn't work, you can contact me on the following email:
All the best
Gerry_Doncaster - on 19 Sep 2016
In reply to Manton:

Hi John, Everybody,
I'm a very experienced and competent scrambler. I'm always happy to have a bit of company on my scrambling outings and enjoy meeting new people. I like to get to Snowdonia quite regularly and also go the The Lakes a lot. I'd definitely be keen to do some things in the coming weeks. I'm fairly flexible with my time and can get out midweek as well as weekends. You can e-mail on at <sales at roxcalibur dot com>
L Yoshi on 20:17 Thu
In reply to Manton:

Hi John,

I'm pretty experienced when it comes to scrambling and somewhat experienced climbing wise (seconded a fair bit but no lead experience). I'm always up for meeting new people, and am especially up for doing scrambles in Snowdonia (been going there for years, and yet there are so, so many great routes i've not done). I also have Alpine ambitions and am planning to get in some UK winter routes this year (at present, zilch winter experience).

I should be free most/ all weekends in November, if you are up for a weekend in Snowdonia. My email is henry2111 at hotmail dot co dot our mutual country; drop me an email if the above sounds convivial.



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