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JamButty - on 17 Sep 2016
HI found a bit of climbing gear at the abseil point back into Dalis hole.
et me know what you've lost and I'll sort out its return
CorinH on 20 Sep 2016 - whois?
In reply to JamButty:
We certainly did the Chain section into Dali's Hole at about midday on Saturday, but no one is claiming lost kit, if it is HMS crab(s) I am one short however among friends .... crabs come and go - so be nice to have it back if easy.

Thanks for spotting it/them etc
JamButty - on 12:40 Fri
In reply to JamButty:

We found the gear about 10am on Sat so I guess it was you guys we gave a hint to where the Australia tunnel was then....not done it in 20+ years so it took us ages to find. Obvious when you know.

Its not a mass amount of kit, swaying to crag booty, but thats for another thread ;-)
I'd rather give someone the opportunity to get it back if we can.