/ Lost Evolv rock shoes A38 Wellington Somerset nr J26M5 fri 16/9

L richrox - on 18 Sep 2016

Pair of Evolv Defy velcro rock shoes, fortunately at the point of needing resoling, but i do want to resole them!
Left on roof of my van and i drove off, i am 100% certain they fell off on a38 between entrance /exit to Foxmoor biz park and the m5 roundabout j26, as they were on my roof when i left Foxmoor, and i just drove down to j26 went round the roundabout and came back into biz park, stayed there overnight, realised what i'd done in the morning when i got ready for climbing and couldn't find them, retraced my steps but someone had picked them up.... Friday evening 16 sept.
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