/ British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships 201

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BMC Office - on 19 Sep 2016 - www.thebmc.co.uk
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Britain's premier lead climbing competition takes place at Awesome Walls, Sheffield on 24-25 September, alongside the British Speed Climbing Championships and the final round of the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup.

Britain's best climbers will battle it out on the super steep walls of Awesome Walls Sheffield, all vying for the title of British Lead Climbing Champion. The fastest climbers in the land will be on the speed wall, fighting for the chance to become Britain's Speed Climbing Champion.

This event will also host the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup, where paraclimbers from all over the world will be coming to compete along side the climbers competing in the BLCC & BSCC. This will be a great opportunity to see some of the best paraclimbers in the world in action and cheer on the GB Paraclimbing Team whilst they are competing on home turf!

Find out more & sign up online: https://www.thebmc.co.uk/british-lead-and-speed-climbing-championships-2016
natetan - on 18:55 Wed
In reply to BMC Office:

BMC already pandering to the olympic speed climbing BS
Ian W - on 21:30 Wed
In reply to natetan:

Almost. Except there has been a British Speed Climbing Championship for a number of years now.
Tomtom - on 01:21 Thu
In reply to natetan:

I'm gonna agree that speed climbing is bs, but given that it's a necessary part of Olympic participation, we probably should pander to it, so we have some chance at success.
Ian W - on 20:51 Thu
In reply to Tomtom:

Dave Barrans finished 7th in the World Champs in Paris last weekend, although his speed climbing time almost came under the trade descriptions act (sorry Dave...) - i've seen him climb normal routes almost as fast.......
But yes, I'm almost tempted to agree about the speed climbing event; at least the ifsc are looking at alternatives, but they may not come in until after 2020. Who knows. But opinions like natetan's are a bit embarrassing, and really dont help.
Graeme Alderson on 14:17 Sun
In reply to Ian W:

1999 was the 1st time we had a British Speed Climbing Championships so good to see natetan is on the ball.

Maybe natetan can convince the IOC that despite it being their Games and their rules we (because we are free thinking climbers!) should be allowed to do whatever we want. IOC said IFSC could have 1, 2 or 3 disciplines but if it was 1 or 2 then the IOC would decide which discipline. I wonder what their choice would have been.
Graeme Alderson on 14:32 Sun
In reply to Ian W:

Also prize for naming the Champions from 1999

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