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BernNolan - on 20 Sep 2016
Anyone got a copy, or know where to get a copy of the BBC Documentary "Extreme Lives - My Right Foot" first screened in 2003? My girlfriend has broken her foot in the same way Leo Houlding did back in 2003 & wants a look at the documentary which featured his successful recovery.... Cheers
petegunn on 20 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

Have you got a vhs player?
Got it on video, recorded off the TV years ago.
Fraser on 20 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

I think I might have a 'home brew' copy of this from the original vhs recording. Will check later this evening once I'm home.
BernNolan - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to petegunn:

Nice one!! i'll message you...
petegunn on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

In the film he says using the therma bands work really well, as you can do lots of different movements/exercises.

Think he also chats to a bloke at a DWS event, he had his ankle fused, which doesn't sound too good, but he was still climbing. Leo then swan dives from the top of the Conga as hes getting bored.
Simon Pelly - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

Hi There,

Got a VHS version copied to MP(3/4) somewhere.


rob sykes - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

having not seen leo's film, what type of foot injury has your girlfriend sustained - talus?
BernNolan - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to rob sykes:

Yep... Talus fracture 8 weeks ago... pinned with 2 screws
BernNolan - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to Simon Pelly:

Any chance i can have a copy somehow?
rob sykes - on 23 Sep 2016
In reply to BernNolan:

hi bern

First up, your girlfriend has my sympathies. I fractured my talus a few years ago, fell off the top of a highball whilst bouldering; missed the mat. had an operation to put in 1 pin. 8 weeks in plaster then a plastic boot. the mrs was pregnant at the time and we had to miss our last holiday as a couple before our daughter was born. needless to say I was as popular as a fart in a space rocket.

fast forward to now. all the following info is based on my experiences only so what follows is v subjective. once the cast and boot came off I was given a few sessions of nhs physio and then discharged with a sheet of exercises and a big rubber band and told to get on with it. whilst the physio was adequate, I didn't appreciate just how much core strength i'd lost as a result of being so immobile. consequently I probably tried to do more exercise than my body was ready for. with hindsight, I maybe should have investigated some private physio. i'd definitely recommend swimming as a good choice of rehab and some core exercises on a mat at home ( this is with hindsight - I didn't do these). after a while I did some gentle running and built this up over time. I'm lucky enough to know a bio mechanic who diagnosed that as a result of the operation the leg with the pin was 5mm longer than the other. this explained the back pain I got when I ran so I know have a little foam wedge in my running shoes.

i've not properly embraced climbing since - not sure whether there's a fear of falling and damaging myself again or my new responsibilities as a parent. either way, I've got into running. I still have a bit of loss of flexibility in my ankle and some occasional stiffness but that's pretty much it. a few weeks ago I completed my first ultra run (30 miles). I write this not as a boast but as an illustration of what someone who has suffered a similar injury can still do. if someone had told me that i'd be doing that when I was recovering I would have laughed.

please don't take the above as any kid of rehab programme. i'm not a doctor. that aside, I wish your girlfriend a speedy recovery and if she or you want any other information please just ask.

BernNolan - on 23 Sep 2016
In reply to rob sykes:

Cheers Rob, i'll show Sarah your post.... I'm sure she'll find it encouraging especially as her main passion is running. Hats off for completing an ultra!! Fantastic!! Sarah's other passion is yoga so she has unbelievable core strength & flexibility so fingers crossed that will be a big help... She's been non weight bearing for 8 weeks now & with some nhs physio hopes to be at least partially weight bearing next week... Fingers crossed!! Thanks again!

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