/ Wanted: Pair semi-tech tools e.g. Fly, Quarks, etc

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redrook - on 20 Sep 2016 - user since 23/Nov/15
Looking for a first pair of technical tools, but can't afford to break the bank. Not looking for the latest stuff, nor ancient artifacts either - so nothing with straight handles. Some Flys or Quarks would be great but open to other offers/suggestions.

Paul423 - on 23 Sep 2016
In reply to redrook:

I have some starter axes if you are intrested send me and email.
Mw315 - on 13:04 Sun
In reply to redrook:

I am about to put two DMM raptors on the site both 50cm they come with alpine blades and reverse curves each, hammer and adze. axe used twice hammer never used (I'm 56 and did not use these as i thought I would !)
all blades in as new condition 160 for the pair inc all blade and shipping, absolute bargain
let me by email i can send piccies , mike
nniff - on 10:44 Mon
In reply to redrook:

How about a pair of Axars, with a pair of pristine B ice picks and rather more worn T mixed picks, leashless conversions, clipper leashes and 3 spare head bolts (if I can find the latter).

Pictures here:

In use here http://www.ukclimbing.com/images/dbpage.html?id=202036

redrook - on 16:33 Mon
In reply to redrook:
Thanks for the replies folks, but I ended up getting a set of Singing Rock Bandits from Total Access. I figured they were so cheap for a set, and the spare picks are so cheap, that I might as well go for new rather than used tools which I can't get picks for.
I'll use them (indoors) as soon as they arrive so I'll be putting up pics/review soon.

@Mw315 - cheers, I'm looking for tools with tech picks. I use a cirque normally so I agree the DMMs are great!
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