/ Mid sized pack for hiking & scrambling

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olliehales - on 21 Sep 2016
I have narrowed my selection down to:

Osprey talon 33 - lightweight and comfortable but unsure of durability
Aiguille Cirrus 33 - heavier but bombproof but unsure of comfort over longer hiking distances
OMM 32 - may be oushing my luck for multi day hiking, looks a little flimsy? But is super lightweight

Main use will be for multi day hikes taking lightweight cobber (tiny tent, down bag etc) on routes such as Camino Frances (I aim to do another leg) and Wye Valley Walk/Offas Dyke/West Highland Way etc.

I have found many of the climbing specific packs sit high & have short back lengths - this is my reasoning for thinking Osprey (adjustable back) or Aiguille (can be made to order).

What are people thoughts? I will be hiking more than I will be cragging with it (I already have a 45l cordura heavy beast for lugging climbing rack around).

maxsmith - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

I really rate the talon 33 ( although haven't tried the other bags ). Had one a few years now and it seems durable. I've cut off a few random elastic loops and mobile phone pouch + chest strap.
lithos on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

if you can find one of these (i got mine for 40 quid) they are excellent (just did 12 days in pryenees carrying
tent, stove, mat, fuel, food,... etc)

ChrisH89 - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:
Talon is comfortable but not very durable for scrambling. The mesh on the outside gets torn easily if scraped on rock and I managed to put an ice axe through the outer material on the back (it has an external pocket for a water bladder, very easy to accidentally put your axe down this instead of between your back and the pack when stashing it away). Good pack if you don't intend on winter use and aren't too bothered about tearing up the external mesh pocket.
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olliehales - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to ChrisH89:

Thanks all!

ChrisH89 - this was my fear with the Talon.

Looks like the Cirrus may be best bet for multi uses then. I suppose I could ask for a padded waist belt to be added
Dell on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

I've found add on side pouches to be really handy for tuning a daysack into a multi day pack. I believe AG make these too so might be worth getting a set.
Dr.S at work - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

what weight do you plan on carrying? makes a big difference to the back system you want.
angry pirate - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

I would second (third?) the Talon 33.
I bought one this year for hill walking / scrambling etc. It's very lightweight, has really useful hip pockets so I can eat on the move and the external hydration pocket down the back is really useful as you can whip the bladder out and refill without the usual faff. The back length adjusts too which is a nice feature.
The mesh pockets are easy to access and it's handy to shove a shopping Goretex into the big mesh pocket rather than back in the pack.
It is pretty thin fabric so I am being careful with it (wouldn't lob a rack in it routinely or thrutch up chimneys wearing it) but that's a pay off I'm prepared to accept as it is so light on the back.
My only criticism is that the top pocket is so volumous (a feature that I like on the whole) when the pack is not fully packed the lid tends to hang down.

Not sure I could pack everything for multiday camps in it without some serious thought mind.
I did the WHW this summer and packed kit and six day's food into a 48 litre pack, another Osprey: the Exos 48. It was the positive experiences of using the features of the Exos that convinced me to buy the Talon.
olddirtydoggy - on 21 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

The Talon gave me back ache but the Montane doesn't. The moral of that story is try the packs on and see what fits.
olliehales - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

Thanks folks!

I will get a chance to try the Osprey this Friday and see!
crustypunkuk - on 22 Sep 2016
In reply to olliehales:

I use the Millet Prolighter 30 and it's an excellent pack. Definitely worth some consideration.

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