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Flinticus - on 17:02 Thu
Hi. Looking for a tent that will accommodate a man and dog in wet, windy weather and the FT Argon 2 looks good (I know the MTN2 looks better but the weight is almost double and cannot be shared!)

I was considering a Macpac Minaret but I see a lot of talk about poor quality since construction left NZ.

Anyone use this tent in bad Scottish type weather? Not talking about the extreme blizzards that can hit the Cairngorms but more in the 50-60 mph zone.

leon 1 on 17:19 Thu
In reply to Flinticus:
Review of it on here about 2/3 of way down.It looks good and used in bad conditions too . I also looked at F10 Nitro Light. Havent been able to see either in the flesh (nylon ?) though but the reviews are always excellent

Minaret no longer features on Macpac EU site so perhaps its being discontinued ? Stephen @ needlesport may be able to tell you more on that ?
Bargain (well its relative I suppose) Macpac Olympus at the Climbers Shop
Good luck with the magical mystery of deciding on a new tent.
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Flinticus - on 17:45 Fri
In reply to leon 1:

Thanks. That review is good. I've emailed Force Ten for what they've got to say re performance in wind.

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