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Luuuuuke - on 20:20 Thu
Myself and my wife have just started our campervan tour of Europe. We are currently in fontainebleau and are about to travel over towards Switzerland and down into spain and Portugal. I am a keen climber, however my wife is not quite as keen as me! Luckily though she doesnt mind me disappearring for a days climbing every now and again. Looking for some climbing partners living or travelling out in this part of the world willing to share a rope with me..
L AaronRotchadl - on 12:26 Fri
In reply to Luuuuuke:

Hey Luke- My name is Aaron and I am staying in Barcelona right now and plan to be in spain for the next 2 months. No plan whatsoever except to climb as much as possible, get in touch and we can bounce some ideas around! Hope youŽ are enjoying your trip. I have for gear a 70m rope and 12 draws. Lots of multipitch and trad experience as well, and I am up for anything. my email is aaronrotchadl@gmail.com
L cberman - on 20:19 Sat
In reply to Luuuuuke:

Just moved to Cambridge, but am quite keen on meeting up with folks to climb throughout Europe for long weekends. I actually have all of next week off. Any climbing plans or particular areas you'll be heading to?

Luuuuuke - on 21:30 Sat
In reply to AaronRotchadl:

Brilliant, I would like to do lots of climbing around the Barcelona area. Probably won't be over there for at least another month, will drop you an email near the time and we can see if we can sort something out?
Luuuuuke - on 21:40 Sat
In reply to cberman:

Hi callie, I will be in Switzerland all next week, we don't really have any plans as yet though so not too sure where we will be. Just going to see what happens and eventually end up in ticino for some bouldering but not sure how long it will take us to get there..
L cberman - on 21:46 Sat
In reply to Luuuuuke:

Hey guys-

No worries as I know that it can be difficult to give definite times while wandering. Should you get a better idea of where you will be, let me know. Aaron, drop me an email as your Spain plans develop: callie.berman@gmail.com

Happy trails!

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