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Ehmarra - on 22 Sep 2016

To help promote what Lancashire grit has to offer please check out my video of the Bull Stones in Lancs. Bull Stones is in the beautiful Bowland area of Lancashire the video shows mileage on lots of easy, yet sometimes committing problems. http://www.vimeo.com/183222521
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prudol on 23 Sep 2016
In reply to Ehmarra:

Thanks for posting that video of Bullstones. Those were some of our earliest and favourite problems there.
John Proud and Alan Bates.
C Witter on 23 Sep 2016
In reply to Ehmarra:

It is a beautiful place! And looks like you had good weather, too!

I went there for the first time earlier this summer and was surprised that there wasn't a UKC page for it, as there are a lot of fun problems and potential for other routes besides those already documented. Did many of the same problems you do in the vid. Would love to go back at some point.

Do you have any other recommendations near Lancaster? I've also enjoyed Thorn Crag and Windy Clough and made a brief but enjoyable intial exploration of Baines Crag (near Windy Clough) - which is virtually undocumented (see the UKC page for a few routes I documented, but there's a lot more potential: Baines Crag (Quernmore)).
Ehmarra - on 24 Sep 2016
In reply to C Witter:

Yeah it really is a great place. North Lancs i've only been to Thorn and Bull Stones, which i love but i've bouldered loads in the Lancs south quarries and on the Eastern Lancs grit, Blackstones is brilliant and so is Stoney Edge. Have you got the Lancashire bouldering guide? Baines looks interesting i might have a run up there at some point.
Ehmarra - on 24 Sep 2016
In reply to C Witter:

Also there is a UKC page The Bull Stones
Alan Bates on 09:08 Sun
In reply to Ehmarra:

Nice video. Giving a feel for the fun to be had at Bull Stones.

I took a quick look at what you did that day (on your profile) and if you're up there again don't miss:
One Pebble Slab
Bounty Hunter
Don't Go Yet
Black Hole

robin mueller - on 16:21 Sun
In reply to Ehmarra:

Great stuff. It's a brilliant venue, and deserves to be more popular. Hopefully your vid will encourage a few others to check it out.
Christheclimber - on 17:30 Sun
In reply to Ehmarra:

Looks like a good venue, cheers. I'll give it a visit when I'm back.
C Witter on 11:33 Mon
In reply to Ehmarra:

Baines is interesting, but you might be disappointed if you make a dedicated trip; probably something to tag onto a trip to Windy Clough, where the 'Far Side' boulders are similar to Bull Stones, though less extensive. There are some high-ball f5s there (off my head, 'The Shield' and 'Midvale School for the Gifted') that are on my wish list, but I normally end up bouldering solo, when I'm without a trad partner, so I've not dared them yet. There's also potential for some problems not in the guide, e.g. here are a few I put on the database:


It'd be interesting to see if others agree with the grades; they might be a touch generous.

I've not done much in South/Central Lancs, as I'm car-less, but did enjoy a couple of problems at Wilton. Blackstones and Stoney Edge look great, though. Hopefully Autumn will give us some bright, clear high-pressure days...!


p.s. Yep, there wasn't a UKC page - but I knocked one together, cribbing from Robin's excellent guide.

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