/ Next week 2 - 4 days - Peak, N Wales, Pembroke or Cornwall

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Pete - on 10:57 Fri
With the continuing good weather, looking to get away next week to any of most places except Dorset (done that to death recently!). Can definitely do Wed through to Fri (28th - 30th), but might be able to do Tuesday at a push if I rearrange things. Would stay at CC hut in any of the areas. Save me from bouldering! Reply here, email or 07818 223410.
Helen Gibson - on 08:13 Sat
In reply to Pete:

Hi Pete,

I am interested!!!
Really want to go to Pembroke.
i was there recently on the CC meet but want to return asap!
I can be there for climbing on wed, thurs and friday. could stay for weekend too.

i have been climbing about 20 yrs.

i lead E1 but am keen to do some E2's - brazen butress, strait gate, deranged, the arrow and chimes of freedom.. are all on my ticklist.

you can call or text me on 07722862386

I am also a cc member.
L cberman - on 19:18 Sat
In reply to Pete:

Hi Pete-

I'm fresh off the boat from the States, but am dying to get some climbing in before the so-called typical gloomy English weather sets in. I don't have a UK number yet, but feel free to email me: callie.berman@gmail.com or shoot me a response on this page.

Just familiarizing myself with the grade conversions, but was climbing 5.9-5.10 sport and 5.9 trad back home.

Am in the Cambridge area, but am happy to hop a bus or train to rendezvous wherever!

Pete - on 14:55 Mon
In reply to Pete:

Sorted now. Thanks to those who replied on here and by email. Perhaps another time. I am always looking for midweek climbing partners.

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