/ Communist Climbing: Engels Bloc in Salford

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C Witter on 17:50 Fri
Despite refusing to pay its part-time teaching staff decent wages, Salford Uni is hitting headlines with a sculpture honoring Friedrich Engels - who famously wrote his The Condition of the Working Class in England based on his observations of Salford and Manchester. The really novel aspect of this is, you're invited to climb the bloody thing!


Has anyone climbed it yet? Any good? Is a UKC page documenting the best problems in order? Or should 'urban' climbing remain a clandestine activity? And is Engels spinning in his grave at the idea of being turned into a giant fibreglass advertisement to Salford's 'hip' credentials?

Thoughts on a postcard.
davidbeynon - on 17:58 Fri
In reply to C Witter:
A friend of mine has climbed it. Claims that the lines on it are all too easy.

You have to give them some Marx for effort though.
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C Witter on 18:02 Fri
In reply to davidbeynon:
Maybe some sit-starts and eliminates can be contrived! The central line up the chin certainly looks easy, but the video had people trying a line up his sideburn that looked more interesting...

p.s. I enjoyed that the joke was edited in, afterward!
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davidbeynon - on 18:10 Fri
In reply to C Witter:

Maybe the solution is to mount it on a moving arm so you can adjust the difficulty by changing the Engle.
C Witter on 19:17 Fri
In reply to davidbeynon:

I'm not really sure that kind of (com)modification would be a productive labour - it seems a bit opportunist and might result in critique of your programme. Certainly it's a radical approach, but does it capitalise on the actually existing features of the historical material? Perhaps a more profitable solution can be found? Either way, I'm still left wondering whether inviting the sons and daughters of the petit bourgeoisie to send Engels' beard is a tribute to socialism or mere barbarism!

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