/ Lost Draws - Masson Lees - Sat Oct 8

turtlespit - on 08 Oct 2016
Lost 3 sport quickdraws at Masson Lees today - 25cm Petzl slings with WC & Black Diamond biners.

Think the other party of 3 that were there may have picked them up by accident...
turtlespit - on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to turtlespit:

Bumping this topic.

After looking at video footage we had from a camera sitting on a rock, one of the guys in the party of 3 walks in front of the camera with our draws obviously on his harness.

I'd appreciate you getting in touch to return them.
philhilo - on 18 Oct 2016
In reply to turtlespit:

Presume you have had a look at the logbooks for Masson on the day?