/ LOOKING for potential Climbing Partner - Spain from 1st Jan

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trystan - on 10 Oct 2016
Hey folks,

I'm looking for a potential climbing partner to head to Spain with around the 1st of January, hopefully (funds depending) I would like to be out there for 3 months, heading back to UK around end of March.

Will have a mini van to travel out in and am looking for someone to split all costs of the trip with (fuel & food). Would be keen to sneak in a smidge of ski touring in the Pyrenees at the start of the trip ( curb the ski cravings) and after that head down south to El Chorro. Gradually as winter starts fading into Spring I would like to move further north and hit up more of the classic venues (and less popular ones too!). Maybe finishing the trip with a little party in Barcelona and possibly sneaking in a bouldering sesh at Fontainebleau (weather dependent).

I'm very relaxed and am keen to push my sport grade this winter.....saying that I like to chill and drink a little wine in the evenings. Mainly I like travelling, meeting new people and seeking some adventures (primarily through climbing) but not always. Also thinking of packing my surf board - in search of some tasty waves.

If your a keen climber and are chilled in your approach to life I think we'd have a heap of fun. Let me know if your keen! I'm heading home to North Wales on the 18th of October from Canada, if your around maybe we could get some climbing in.

Cheers folks,
samparsons on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to trystan:

Hi mate,

I am also planning on a similar trip starting just after the 1st of Jan for 2 months. I was thinking about heading to Costa Blanca but I'm game for anything really.

I am planning on having people out so I will need to take my own van.

Thanks Sam

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.