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VPJB - on 13 Oct 2016
Hi all

Is there anyone interested in climbing The Nose, El Capitan during the summer of 2017?
I'm a teacher and the only time I can get three weeks to go to Yosemite is in the school summer holidays.

It doesn't have to be The Nose, any of the El cap routes would be good. I'm happy to meet up a training for aiding and hauling etc. I currently climb E1/2 trad and 6c+/7a sport.


VPJB - on 14 Oct 2016
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muppetfilter - on 15 Oct 2016
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You might find July/August are a bit hot, last year it was over 30C in the Valley. We could only climb till 11am before running away for icecream and Rootbeer. Toulomne is much nicer at this time of year
alpinist63 - on 15 Oct 2016
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Hi Vince,
as a teacher I also have to visit yos in summmer, between mid july and mid september , what I did over a dozen times in the last 20 years, and I've climbed el cap in second half of july , august as well as first half of september and it's absolutely ok . for a free ascent it would probably be too hot, but otherwise conditions might not be ideal but ok. the first couple of pitches can be really hot and you'll suffer but once you're up 150-200m, there's usually a good breeeze and depending on the chosen route, you'll get a couple of hours climbing in the shade. key is having enough water, like 1+ gallon per person for the 1st day or 2, then about 3/4 . this year for instance, while it was really hot (90F)in the valley, we were wearing our insulated jackets belaying high up on the captain...So, go for it!
VPJB - on 15 Oct 2016
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Thank you, I'm glad someone is positive about the time of year!
VPJB - on 16 Oct 2016
Any other forums I should try?

Flashy - on 16 Oct 2016
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jagster - on 18 Oct 2016
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Have you had any luck Vince? I aid soloed Washington column 2 years back. I wrote a small blog about it. It's on my profile, check it out. Im Always keen to do another climb at some point just not for a while. I'm currently planning climbing mont elbrus 2019. I'd be up for training and stuff. I've got a portaledge and so much gear it's untrue so if you ever fancy a trip let us know and we'll see what we can arrange.
JJL - on 18 Oct 2016
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Hi Vince

I might be up for this - I'll pm you. However, the public interest bit is:

- been there twice (leading E2) and failed twice - on day 2 and day 1
- issue first time was footwear (our feet died in etriers on day 2)
- issue second time was insuffient aid practice (in half the party)

It's a running itch; I'd love to.

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