/ Walkie talkie lost/drop at Avon Gorge Main Wall

FernandoHidalgo - on 15 Oct 2016
Hi people,

Sit at Lunchtime ledge at Avon Gorge (Main Area), having a lovely sandwich, somehow my green Motorola walkie talkie "detached" from my backpack and it went all the way down to the ground (although I only saw it disappearing from the edge so it may be in stuck in the bushes in the way down).

It is not the most expensive one but I would like to recover it if possible.

If you happen to find it please contact me.

Dave Perry - on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to FernandoHidalgo:

And you expect it to be still working???? I think not.
davidbeynon on 22:27 Mon
In reply to FernandoHidalgo:

I'll take a look next time I'm there. Roughly where on lunchtime ledge were you sitting?