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Rebecca_h - on 21:22 Mon
Im organising a Women in Adventure Sports film night for the BUCS This Girl Can week at uni and im struggling with finding films.
Im looking for 5/6 short films (20-30mins) on a range of different adventure sports.
There seem to be plenty to do with climbing, mountaineering and kayaking, but i also need to find films about ski/snowboarding, mountainbiking, surfing, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions, i would be very grateful.


marsbar - on 21:36 Mon
In reply to Rebecca_h:
Karen Darke sit skied in Greenland.

Rachel Atherton is a pretty famous cyclist.

I assume you already saw http://www.cackletv.com/sea-kayaking-dvds/kayaking-the-aleutians/
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Wry Spudding on 14:19 Tue
Frank the Husky - on 14:35 Tue
In reply to Rebecca_h: I saw a film as part of the Best of Banff earlier this year that had a group of female skiers, but it was so toe curlingly awful it set women's skiing back a decade. It mainly featured privileged, white, middle class young women who went on and on about the struggle of their lives and how they had finally found meaning. I'll try and remember the name of it but it was about skiing deep powder in Alaska. I can't find a link to it anywhere, but you'll know it if you're unfortunate to see it.

Stuff with Steph Davies in it is usually pretty good - BASE, wingsuit and smiling an awful lot.

galpinos on 14:40 Tue
In reply to Rebecca_h:
Too long (@55 mins) but Pretty Faces would fit the bill for a ski movie. Not seen it but it is an "All Girl" ski movie.

(Might be the one slated by Frank above)
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ring ouzel on 14:59 Tue
In reply to Rebecca_h:

Would that be the infamous 1000 yard stare?
Sealwife - on 18:21 Tue
In reply to Rebecca_h:

There was an excellent documentary about two women from the Western Isles who kayaked to St Kilda. I think it was made by the BBC, I certainly saw it on the telly. It was about as far away from the Epic TV type of Bro culture film as it's possible to be.
wercat on 13:23 Wed
In reply to Rebecca_h:

There's a classic film of Catherine Destivelle soloing stuff in North Africa, pretty old as I think it was the 1980s but I found it pretty inspiring even though climbing like that is totally outside my reach
Henry Iddon - on 15:07 Wed
In reply to Rebecca_h:

The first all girl snowboard film was called 'Dropstitch' pruduced by 'Chunkyknit' - they did a few other that followed.



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