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johncook - on 17 Oct 2016
Today I was asked to leave Colehill Quarry. Reason, It is too dangerous! The general public can wander around it, the Police have exercises in there and on the crag, apparently without a problem. The 'site manager' did not seem really sure of his facts about why climbing is banned or why the quarry is listed as a special site. He informed us that the BMC are organising the removal of all the bolts and anchors. I was wearing a BMC hoodie so that may have prompted that comment. He said climbers were making the cliff faces 'unstable because of all the blasting that took place'.
We didn't argue, had a chat and left. There have been problems in the past with littering and raves, but climbers usually cleaned up after these random groups made a mess!
Just a warning if you are planning a trip there.
philhilo - on 18 Oct 2016
In reply to johncook:

Seems to be a follow up to the position reported a few months back with 'all the bolts being removed' - they weren't. Not sure what the BMC would have to do with it? Shame as it seems to be a generic knee jerk frightened of litigation ban and not a bad little spot.

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