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balmybaldwin - on 17 Oct 2016

Just finished reading Geoffrey Archer's Paths of Glory, and thought I'd recommend it.

I'm normally allergic to Archer's writing on principle, but having had it recommended (though I didn't know the content before hand) thoroughly enjoyed it and found it a quite believable dramatisation of Mallory's life.

Whilst I know it's fiction and a lot of the book was in the author's imagination I liked that it fitted perfectly with my previous reading around the subject (including many of Mallory and Young's own accounts (letters and articles) of various ascents and in particular his account of the death of Sherpa Nyima and the 6 others on Everest)

It is, of course a bit controversial, but don't want to put any spoilers in here

For those more interested in the personal accounts, my first source for these was a book I stumbled upon in a charity shop called "The Mammoth Book of the Edge" which seems to have been reprinted as I lost it way before 2009 and haven't seen it since so just ordered a new copy

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