/ any Dundee/surrounding area based Winter Climbers this season?

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bodovix on 22 Nov 2016
So I moved to Dundee a few months ago and since have been on a bit of a mission to find other people who climb outdoors in the area...

seems most do sport/ some do trad and all the winter climbers are hiding, somewhere...

anyway winter seasons practically here so I'm resorting to the 'lonely hearts' thread,, :/
feel free to send me an email if you wouldn't mind putting a 24yr old student in your contacts list!

tbh I'm bit new to the winter stuff so if i was doing the leading it'd be easy routes, in the beginning anyway,
but i'v done loads of sea cliff trad and I'd be happy seconding whatever, (you know, within reason),,
Wojttek - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to bodovix:

hi there. nice to hear somebody here in D. to climb winter.
i stay in D. 've been climbing for...eeee a long time;p
this 'd be my 6 sezon. i can lead up to VI (when i have a good day ;D done few routes in Aviemore glen Coe and th Ben
i got all rack and transport so get in touch.
was to hit a vertical today if u fancy to meet up.

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