/ Brean Down Belay

Viki Claudia Harvey - on 25 Nov 2016
Mammut auto locking belay and screw gate left at base of Brean Down on 25th Nov Brean Down
Billg - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to Viki Claudia Harvey:

I have a spare mammut smart (Its not yours honest). If you don't find yours let me know
just one more - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to Viki Claudia Harvey:

Hi Viki
I'm pretty certain it's my mate Patrick's. He usually manages to abandon something at the crag! I'll text him and get him to drop you a line.

Steve(with the digging dog!)
Ian Parsons - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to just one more:

> Steve(with the digging dog!)

Hah! Are you sure that he/she isn't a related breed - the burying dog? A good friend of mine had one such. He took Fido [name altered to protect the extremely guilty] with him to Cratcliffe one day, along with his brand new, unused, enormous and hence very expensive camming device. The dog duly pounced on what was presumably regarded as "the new toy", ran off with it and - as was normal behaviour - buried it; never to be seen again, despite several hours of searching. Dogs are clearly somewhat ahead of the game here; the deterrent effect of being sent to the doghouse is rather diminished when the miscreant already lives in one.
patrickcd - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to Viki Claudia Harvey:

Hi. As Steve (with the digging dog) suggests, it is mine. I've sent you a message with info. Thanks very much for picking it up.