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petegunn on 26 Nov 2016
Egerton Quarry
Many thanks to the people that have put in a big effort to clear the brambles and silver birch that was encroaching on the climbs.
Clearing back the tops and putting in new stakes and for the steps around the Renaissance area.
Had a few hours there on Friday in the sunshine, apart from Chalk Lightning Crack.
Will definitely be going again
JR - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to petegunn:

Grimer and I put the stakes in and sorted Renaissance over summer. Glad you enjoyed it!
petegunn on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to JR:

I always try and get to one of the quarries when down visiting family. It is a great credit to you and the others that keep these places clean and tidy.
The clean up meets seem to be a great success and hopefully with the new guide out more people will help keep the routes clean.
There are some superb routes to be done in the lancs quarries and a must visit area if you enjoy crack climbing.
Keep up the good work
lancsmike on 18:58 Fri
In reply to petegunn:
Called there a few weeks back , great work been done to far end of Quarry. Dave C & Les A been sorting there for a while. Tried to clean up right of 'Cheery Bomb' and towards steps far left to tops, it all needs to die back a bit in the winter to see the wood from the trees. Think care needs to be taken of rock , left of Cherry bomb. Enjoy!
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