/ Portland Wednesday 30th

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silhouette - on 28 Nov 2016
If anyone is interested I could be at Weymouth about 11:15 and stay on the rock until dark. Forecast at the moment is sunny with light winds - cold of course but may be comfortable in the sun on the west side.
silhouette - on 17:35 Tue
In reply to silhouette:

I could do Thursday providing its not too cold, in which case I'll go for a walk instead.
Mick Ward - on 19:27 Tue
In reply to silhouette:

Hi, conditions aren't ideal at the moment. Obviously the sun hits the east side first and is on the rock longer (than the west side) at this time of year. I did a new route at the Cuttings yesterday. It took me from 9.30 to 11.00 to get warm enough to do it. Temperature about four or five degrees. Intermittent sun - which was lovely but wind chill on the top half which probably effectively took things down to sub-zero. A patient well-wrapped up belayer and a desire to succeed!

Today was similar - more sun and lovely with it. Probably the warmest place would have been the Nook which could well have been really cosy. But do you want to come all that way for the Nook? (I think the editor of Climber and his mates came down from Sheff once for the Nook - rather them than me - and I developed it!)

Don't want to be negative, just telling it as it is, given that it will involve time and cost for you to get here.


silhouette - on 02:49 Wed
In reply to Mick Ward:

Thanks for your post Mick. I think I'll take your advice


Mick Ward - on 07:42 Wed
In reply to silhouette:

It's clear now - but cold. Hopefully you've saved a wasted journey. Do come back when it's warmer!

All best wishes,

Philiniqaluit - on 08:13 Wed
In reply to silhouette:

Hi Roger, I was sport climbing in Winspit in a t-shirt yesterday. Not a breath of wind and warm sunshine. Friction good.
I could climb Thursday if you're still thinking about it. Phil (Swanage based)

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