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Tonybhoy - on 09:26 Tue
After changing jobs and moving onto permanent days I decided it was an ideal opportunity to commute to work. Mid forties and midriff wasn't getting smaller...
Morning commutes soon turned into lunchtime rides also. Lunchtime rides weren't fast enough, as I couldn't keep up with my work colleagues on their road bikes.
I am now the proud owner of 2 bikes and I totally get the argument that I often see and hear that one bike is just not enough.
nniff - on 09:42 Tue
In reply to Tonybhoy:

You know that your carbon obsession is getting out of hand when you look at carbon ice axes and consider them to be a perfectly rational and reasonable way to off-load some more money (note the careful avoidance of the word 'investment').

Equally, you're in real trouble when it looks like it's going to be a nice day, so you do your commute on a bike with full Dura-ace and Chris King. Well, the Kennington Sprints were fun for a change (for those familiar with CS7) and, in my defence, it is 21 miles each way....
LastBoyScout on 15:23 Tue
In reply to Tonybhoy:

Only 2 bikes...?
JdotP - on 13:56 Wed
In reply to Tonybhoy:

I find that a fleet of 4 is adequate.

jonnie3430 - on 14:05 Wed
In reply to Tonybhoy:

Do you know the rules? (Velominati)

Have you found your food chain number? (www.itsnotarace.org/fcn-calculator/ )

Have you figured out the segment's on strava?

I thought the equation for the number bikes you should have was x=d+1 where d is the number of bikes you currently have...
nniff - on 16:02 Wed
In reply to jonnie3430:

Not quite: x = (n+1) = (s-1). n is the number you currently own, and s is the number of bikes that would lead to separation from your other half. I think in my case that x = s -1 , which now means that x = ((n-1) +1)

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