/ George Monbiot on the disinformation industry

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Pekkie - on 11:22 Wed
Ten years ago, George Monbiot, in his book 'Heat' exposed the disinformation industry, funded by eg oil companies, that spreads untruths and denial about climate change. One of the dastardly villains identified in the book was Myron Ebell. Well, knock me down with a feather if Myron hasn't emerged as the leader of Trump's transition team for the US Environmental Protection Agency.

RyanOsborne - on 11:24 Wed
In reply to Pekkie:

Is it wrong to pin all my hopes on the recount?
Dauphin on 11:46 Wed
In reply to Pekkie:

Maybe 'Journalists' find their voice again after twenty odd years of compliant corporate and state stenography - I include the Guardian amongst the worst offenders, unfortunately the lack of discussion and objection to state intelligence gathering in the liberal media has handed Trump and co most of the tools and legal framework to suppress off message journalists and sources, under national security concerns. Democrats only demonstrate when there is a republican president doing the snooping and extra judicial killing.

davidbeynon on 23:58 Wed
In reply to Dauphin:

Ignoring state intelligence gathering you say?


I think you are conveniently forgetting who broke the story.
Dauphin on 06:42 Thu
In reply to davidbeynon:

Nope. A single newspaper does not make a healthy press. There's plenty the Guardian choose not to cover . It was happy to go along with the Iraq bullshit when Blair was in office, published plenty of unsourced opinion and unattributed 'evidence' that clearly originated from the briefing room at Vauxhall.

Pete Pozman - on 12:02 Thu
In reply to Pekkie:

Makes your blood run cold.

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