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drunken monkey - on 16:23 Thu
I've just noticed (lack of attention to bank statement on my part) that Vodafone have continued to take payment off me for an old mobile number that I've not used for a considerable period of time.

During that time, I went to O2 then came back to Vodafone who I am currently a customer with, albeit with a completely different number.

Phoned them to see what the craic was as I had no idea what this (small) payment to vodafone was for every month, when it wasn't my phone bill, and it wasn't insurance. Turns out it was this ancient old number.

they are trying to dodge any refund saying there is no record of me telling them to cancel the contract at the time. I'm disputing this, saying I went to a completely different provider (O2) with a totally new number and I cancelled.

Am I wasting my time pursuing this? its not a massive amount of cash, but better in my pocket than theirs.
LastBoyScout on 16:35 Thu
In reply to drunken monkey:

Fight for your money back.

Due to a muck up with transferring energy providers (their fault for not doing it right), we were paying the new company but still being supplied by the old one. After a number of phone calls chasing both parties, we got a chunk of money back
drunken monkey - on 16:40 Thu
In reply to LastBoyScout:

I'm going to phone them again tomorrow - got passed from pillar to post last time. must have spoken to 10 different people over an hour on the line.

the battle of the stubbornness shall commence tomorrow.
alexwolf47 - on 16:47 Thu
In reply to drunken monkey:

Good luck! I have had a bit of an ordeal getting a refund on monthly payments towards my Note 7 on a Vodafone contract... Their customer support is not very helpful and don't seem to actually listen to your issue. They kept going on about how generous they were for not charging me the early termination fee on my faulty phone.. (they said not all of them caught fire so mine might not have been a faulty one?)

I'd suggest speaking to them via the online live chat (it's easy to escalate an issue and keep a record of what they say) and ask them to check the usage during the period you have been on o2. If you haven't used the sim at all and there has been no data/ calls/ texts then it should confirm that you believed the contract to be cancelled. Insist you spoke to customer support when you moved to o2 and they said it was cancelled over the phone (even if you didn't actually call), doubt they will try prove that you didn't.

They don't actually charge you for the number though, just the service? Was it just a pay monthly sim? If you didn't actually call to cancel then it would carry on automatically beyond the initial duration of the contract even if you stopped using the sim/ number after moving to O2. It only cancels itself if you use a PAC code to move the old number to your new network.

Just keep insisting that you cancelled it and that their records will clearly show it hasn't been used.
Ghastly Rubberfeet on 21:47 Thu
In reply to drunken monkey:

PM'd you
Steve Perry - on 21:55 Thu
In reply to drunken monkey: I had 3 phones on separate contracts and cancelled one when it ended. 6 months later I noticed they were still taking payment for that number so called them. I was expecting a bank refund but instead they knocked it out of my monthly payments for my existing 2 phones.
I don't think it's a mistake, I think they try it on.

girlymonkey - on 06:57 Fri
In reply to drunken monkey:

Fight them all the way, they are a bunch of chancers who bank on the fact that people don't kick up a fuss. I had hassle with them over a phone repair and it took 2 months of fighting!
Zombieclimber - on 07:28 Fri
In reply to drunken monkey:

My advise would be to fight it and NEVER use Vodafone again! In fact, I would suggest everyone who has a contract with Vodafone to move away once it ends.. Vodafone are the most incompetent telecommunications company I have ever had to deal with. I, amongst other friends of mine have had countless issues. My previous situation with them is too long to explain but let's just say I got it sorted after countless phone calls and stress. I vowed never to go with them again. Principle drove me on and principle should drive you on. Good luck!
Jenny C on 17:30 Fri
In reply to Zombieclimber:

>...Vodafone are the most incompetent telecommunications company I have ever had to deal with..........

Clearly you have never had the missfortune to deal with Virgin Media.
Zombieclimber - on 20:14 Fri
In reply to Jenny C:

Ha funnily enough I have..but I'd put vodashite at number 1 spot. Virgin media can take number 2. They're used to the number 2 spot being under Sky.

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