/ LOST: two gold and two silver rings

mollymcleod - on 03 Jan 2017
On 29th Dec I was walking/climbing the Snakes and Ladders route through Llanberis slate quarries and lost four rings.
Description: One is a plain gold band and one is gold with three small diamonds set in it. Both the gold ones have an engraving on the inside (J.M and I.L, my grandparents' initials). The other two are silver; one a plain silver band and one silver with a cloudy blue/grey stone in it.
I never usually come out climbing with my rings on but this time I had forgotten so I put them in my waist pocket of my rucksack. I later put a headtorch in that pocket and think when I took the torch out at dusk they must have scattered. I know S&L is a long route over lots of loose rock so I am very unlikely to get them back - they could have been covered the minute I stepped away. However they were incredibly precious to me so it is worth a try.
If anybody has any information please get in touch, or alternatively contact a local police station (Llanberis, Caernarfon) as I have left a local report. Thank you very much.
Ron Rees Davies - on 03 Jan 2017
In reply to mollymcleod:
Do you know where you were when you took the torch out ?
(or where you put it in?)
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Jodiaway - on 03 Jan 2017
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Hi Molly,

I met a guy on 31 Dec who had found a ring in or near Mordor quarry. It was gold with a date in the 30s inscribed. He intended to post about it on here and to hand it in to a police station (possibly Llanberis). I'm afraid I can't be any more specific than that as it was just a chance conversation with someone I bumped into. It sounds hopeful that it could be one of your missing rings and hopefully the guy who found it will log on and find this thread soon.

mollymcleod - on 03 Jan 2017
In reply to Jodiaway:
Hi Jodi,

Thanks so much, this is really helpful. I posted on some Snowdonia Facebook pages and somebody else also got in contact about one being found on 31st too (it's new information that it was inscribed though, which sounds promising). I rang the North Wales police stations but Llanberis is only open part-time so I left a report message and will follow it up in the next few days.

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Sandstone Stickman - on 03 Jan 2017
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I found the ring on the 31st and have emailed. Good Luck!
mollymcleod - on 03 Jan 2017
In reply to Ron Rees Davies:

I think it's most likely to be at the top with all the abandoned buildings as I took my torch out whilst there to look inside them. We then descended to the right, down the steps from the top where the buildings are where I had it out again. Lastly on the way down we quickly did some sport routes at Australia (near Orangutan Overhang), and I think I got it out after that to head back with. So quite a few possible places unfortunately...
marsbar - on 03 Jan 2017
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You could try and find someone who has metal detecting as a hobby if you have an idea of where to try.
L Acring - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to mollymcleod:

We were walking in the quarries on Saturday 31st Dec and found a gold ring with three small diamonds.. it sounds like one of your lost rings? If you send me your phone number via email vicechair@ceunant.org and I'll call you back to arrange delivery.
JuanTinco on 08 Jan 2017
In reply to mollymcleod:

This is amazing that they are being found! I once lost my Ford Fiesta in a car park never to be found again.

Good luck getting them all Frodo!

Jim C - on 08 Jan 2017
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> This is amazing that they are being found! I once lost my Ford Fiesta in a car park never to be found again.

Never !
Is that not what is known as stolen ? ( unless it was abducted by aliens!)
EddInaBox on 08 Jan 2017
JuanTinco on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to Jim C:

I call it borrowed, I still hold hope for it being brought back.

mollymcleod - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to Acring:

Hello! This is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it. I tried to email that address but it bounced back, so have sent your UKC linked one a message. Hopefully you receive that. Thank you so very much. I am so happy!!!
marsbar - on 11 Jan 2017
mollymcleod - on 11 Jan 2017
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Ah, amazing, thank you! Done. I love the climbing community, you've all been so helpful
Ron Rees Davies - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to mollymcleod:

Have you retrieved some? all 4?

If not, where were the 'found' ones located? Where is now best to search for the others?

mollymcleod - on 22:20 Sun
In reply to Ron Rees Davies:

Was waiting until they arrived safely before posting - I have now retrieved two rings, both of the gold ones, which is absolutely amazing news.

Both were found close to the kissing gate on the way in to the quarry from the bus stop, just past the first long rendered building on the left, close to Dali's hole.

However, the two most precious ones were the gold, and their return was more than I ever expected, so I don't actually mind if the silver ones are lost forever amongst the slate. Losing them has already shown there are some very good people in the world, and I feel very thankful thank you for your help and support everyone!