/ Climbing partner(s); Sheffield, Huddersfield & Manchester areas

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Butterfly with a Bomb - on 13 Jan 2017

I'm desperate to do more climbing this year & as my current climbing partner is too busy with their bouldering I thought I'd ask around if anyone fancies buddying up now and again

I'm looking for a safe and competent climbing partner for the above areas (ie Sheffield AW or Foundry / Huddersfield Climbing Wall / Manchester area... Yes I'm a "gym bunny" but I do very occasionally climb outside (when it's not cold and wet).

Happy to climb with males / females / "other", young / old... As long as you can safely lead and top rope belay (lol not at the same time, I know), then I'm happy to climb with you

In return I like to think I'm a safe belayer, happy to provide transport (if you are on route) & buy a cuppa.

Looking to climb 2-3x a week, depending on my rota... Days, evenings, weekends... Pretty flexible
AlanH10 - on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to Butterfly with a Bomb:

Hi, I climb at Awesome Walla Stockport on Tue & Fri from10am - 12.30pm. My current partner is injured so would welcome the opportunity to climb. Im not at your standard but have been climbing for years and can belay well - fast in giving rope out and you have my full attention whilst climbing. I've seen far too many unacceptable belayers who seem to think tey are safe and doing it right,
Anyway if you are interested please get in touch.

L Ursagold - on 00:13 Mon
In reply to Butterfly with a Bomb:


I live between Manchester (any time) and Sheffield (weekends), so good for either. Very safe and reliable, top rope and lead. Don't have membership of Foundry but do AW.

You can message me on 07970 247469.


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