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thumb Leading film maker Alastair Lee presents the Brit Rock film tour, which has its world premier at Rheged on 2nd October [ full story ]

thumb The ShAFF Adventure Festival was moved from its customary February timing to April this year to fit in with the Tour de France... [ full story ]

thumb Featuring Jamie Andrew, Andy Kirkpatrick, James McHaffie, Al Lee, James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Pete Whittaker, Tom... [ full story ]

thumb There are more climbing films than ever at this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival with 18 films spread over four Climb... [ full story ]

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ShAFF News


thumb One event worth looking out for at ShAFF this weekend is the charity auction organised by Dave Mycroft. Proceeds are in aid of... [ full story ]

thumb At 7pm yesterday evening (28th of Feb) the winners of the 2009 ShAFF film awards were announced as follows. Judges were Niall... [ full story ]

thumb The 2009 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) at the Showroom in Sheffield was officially announced last week. Three times... [ full story ]

thumb ShAFF Youth Development Programme to show films to 1,500 school students over the next 3 weeks. [ full story ]

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