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JetBoil News

Announcements direct from JetBoil

thumb This is the camping gear report and featuring heavily this year are sleeping bags, trekking poles, headlamps and the new Hydrogen... [ full story ]

thumb A Jetboil Flash, with a coffee press and 50g of fresh coffee; a perfect setup for great coffee on the go. [ full story ]

thumb A selection of new and coming-soon camping gear, which stood out to us at OutDoor 2012... [ full story ]

thumb The Jetboil Sol Ti delivers the ultimate in ultra-lightweight performance and reliability in extreme conditions. [ full story ]

thumb An ideal balance of power, weight, speed and convenience, the Sumo TI is designed to fuel group cooking in the outdoors. [ full story ]

thumb Some new stoves from the experts in innovative, quick and easy, all-in-one pot and burners. Fast food for the outdoors - Jetboil... [ full story ]

thumb High performance meets high capacity. Mobilize your party with Jetboil's latest system. [ full story ]

thumb The lightest, neatest and fastest cooking system around. The Jetboil combines the stove and pot together to give super fast boil... [ full story ]

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JetBoil Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

thumb When I first saw a JetBoil back in 2004 I remember being highly cynical, too specialised and very limited in terms in its uses.... [ full review ]

thumb UKC Editor Jack Geldard reviews the JetBoil Personal Cooking System: "The fact that the stove is so easily hang-able and that... [ full review ]

The JetBoil Apr 2007

thumb The Jetboil a roaring success. It can boil two cups in two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the Jetboil is twice as fast and uses... [ full review ]

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