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Oct 2015

thumb Do you have some great ideas about how to engage with young walkers and climbers, or how to increase opportunities for young... Read more

Oct 2015

thumb The BMC are looking for someone with a passionate belief that all people should be treated equally, and have the same... Read more

Sep 2015

thumb Do you know your SEO from your PPC? Are you as happy delving into Google Analytics as crafting an email in MailChimp? here is a... Read more

Aug 2015

thumb We're growing: having recently passed the 80,000 member mark we're looking for a new member of our membership services team to... Read more

Jun 2015

thumb Famous faces, big name brands and world-renowned mountaineers are donating their time and expertise as well as personal treasures... Read more

Aug 2014

thumb Leading film maker Alastair Lee presents theBrit Rock film tour, which has its world premier at Rheged on 2nd October Read more

Jul 2014

thumb Are you new to climbing? Or are you looking to improve your climbing skills? Then this new special edition magazine Get into... Read more

Jun 2014

thumb Did you know that all BMC members can now read Summit magazine on their phones andtablets for free with our new app? Read more

Jun 2014

thumb The BMC is 70 years old this year, and as part of our birthday celebrations local area volunteers are hosting a number of summer... Read more

Dec 2013

thumb Chamonix-based hardware manufacturer, Simond, have issued a recall on all Rocky bent gate and straight gate karabiners produced... Read more

BMC Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

5 Nov 2015

thumb It's a funny old medium: frequently polished, often loose, hard, and dusty, yet despite all these oddities it is a strangely... Read more

Jun 2012

thumb "The amazing thing is that virtually all of these Dark Peak crags have remained backwaters. Why is this?" wonders Mick Ward in... Read more

Jun 2010

thumb "Much anticipated" would be something of an understatement. If anyone was silly enough to have waited with bated breath, they... Read more

May 2007

thumb "In what is almost perfection there are two weaknesses. It won't fit in your back pocket and if you leave it displayed on the... Read more

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