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Ropes News

Sep 2014

thumb German climbing brand EDELRID have produced a comprehensive online 'Rope Book' that's designed to act as the definitive reference... Read more

Jul 2014

thumb The new-generation ABSOLUTE TRX features MILLET TRIAXIALE® technology and raises safety, longevity and absolute efficiency a... Read more

Jun 2014

thumb Petzl's new range of climbing ropes have been developed to meet the needs of today's climbers. Whether you are looking for a... Read more

Mar 2014

thumb Cut waste and make use of old ropes with this step-by-step video guide to weaving your own rope mat from EDELRID. Read more

Nov 2013

thumb The 8.0 Phoenix - a great all rounder for the coming season Read more

Aug 2013

thumb Weighing in at a mere 36 g/m, the Gully 7.3 is the lightest double rope on the market. It is also certified as a twin rope. Its... Read more

Aug 2013

thumb Tendon has recently secured two international accolades, highlighting the barnds status as a manufacturer of high performance... Read more

Jul 2013

thumb DuoTec is a new process patented by EDELRID to enable the manufacturing of bi-colour ropes. Read more

May 2013

thumb For 2013, Beal has added more ropes to its UNICORE line. From a diameter of 8.6mm and up to 10.5mm, there is now a UNICORE rope... Read more

Jun 2012

thumb Pete Whittaker gives his feedback on the Marathon Pro, which Sterling rope describe as 'the best all around rope for durability... Read more

Ropes Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Nov 2014

thumb Edelrid's new super-thin triple rated rope has won industry awards, but what happens when your average weekend climber takes it... Read more

Aug 2014

thumb Duncan Campbell tests the Mammut Infinity 9.5 rope. Read more

Jun 2014

thumb Duncan Campbell tests two ropes from Petzl... He takes some falls and survives! But there is more to it than that, surely?... Read more

Dec 2012

thumb The UKC team take a look at 6 lightweight ropes for sport climbing and trad climbing varying in diameter from 8.9mm to 9.4mm. Read more

Sep 2011

thumb Toby Archer tests out the versatile world of triple rated ropes, and reviews three alternatives from three of the biggest rope... Read more

Jun 2011

thumb Ever wondered how climbing ropes are made? Earlier this year Mick Ryan paid a visit to Sterling Rope in Biddeford, Maine to find... Read more

Jan 2011

thumb Mark Glaister puts three very different ropes produced for the various callings of the present day rock climber through their... Read more

Oct 2010

thumb Two ropes, says Jack Geldard. One route. One day. Four arms. Eleven falls. One power scream. Two cold bacon sandwiches. One ... Read more

May 2010

thumb While most climbers carefully seek out the perfect rock shoe fit and style to maximise their performance, says James Ibbertson,... Read more

Sep 2008

thumb Dave Pickford takes an in-depth look at the Tendon Master 9.2mm rope: "Tendon is a relatively recent name on the UK climbing rope... Read more

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