Wild Country Neon Keylock Screwgate
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Neon Keylock Screwgate
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Neon Keylock Screwgate - at 43 grams one of the lightest keylock screwgates ever made...

The Neon Keylock is an amazing innovation and one of the lightest keylock screwgates ever made. No ifs no buts, and no way to ignore this, at only 43 grams the Neon Keylock screw is one of the worlds lightest keylock screwgates and a screwgate thats close to being as light as many modern snaps.

The 43 gram Neon Keylock is an amazing innovation...

Achieved using a combination of the proven I beam technology and a little lateral thinking the Neon Screwgate significantly adds to the armoury of the modern climber by allowing more safe screwgates to be carried without a weight penalty.

The Neon keeps a very usable gate clearance, and with its small neat Keylock nose aiding access, it makes clipping and unclipping no toil even with gloves. And the Keylock nose is always especially valid on a screwgate making that difficult belay arranging easier with no hook to catch on slings or ropes.

And as with all the Wild Country screws the Neons screwgate is strong enough to resist inward pressure as well adding an extra safety dimension.

An amazing step forward and a true weight breakthrough, at 43 grams the Neon Keylock screw ditches the weight of a screwgate making for safer climbing with less penalties!!

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This announcement has been read 4,952 times
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