Alpkit Wedge Self-Inflating Mat
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Thick at one end, thin the other. Save weight and bulk by having the thick bit where you need it and less where you don't.

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+The Wedge, 75 kb
The Wedge
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The Wedge is the widest mat we make, so if you tend to rock and roll during the night this is the mat for you. It is the ideal sleeping mat for the technical car camper who may need to carry it occasionally or who is short of luggage space. The wedged shape design starts at 5 cm under the head and tapers down to 2.5 cm at the feet. With 4 cm under your hips you still get the padding and insulation where you need it and benefit from a reduced pack size. Put two Wedges side by side, throw your favourite rug over the top and you have a king sized sleeping area...


  • Weight: 1025g
  • Dimensions: 190 x 64 x 5cm to 2.5cm
  • Packed Size: 64 x 18cm
  • Fabric: 50D Ripstop Nylon / 50D Nylon base
  • Extras: Storage bag, repair kit

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Wedge is part of the Alpkit range of self-inflating mattresses. See the range here.

+Thick and Thin, 30 kb
Thick and Thin
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+Tapered design, 16 kb
Tapered design
© Alpkit, Jul 2010

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This announcement has been read 4,430 times
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