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+Sea to Summit X-Series - Mug, 51 kb
Sea to Summit X-Series - Mug
UKC Gear, Mar 2012
© Sea to Summit

A range of unbreakable plates, bowls, cups and mugs made of food grade silicone, which folds flat for compact packing.

The X-Series from Sea to Summit features a cup, a mug, a bowl, a plate and an extra large bowl all created out of unbreakable, flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone. The whole range all fold into flat discs, thanks to the ridged silicone they are made from. This allows for compact packing as the pieces all store inside each other.

A cut resistant base, made of food grade nylon, on the bowls and plates, is securely bonded to the silicone walls by a patent pending process, giving them the ability to survive a tough trek into the wild.

The X-Mug and X-Cup feature a rigid nylon ring within the rim, which keeps them study and easy to drink out of, but still allows the mug to collapse into a disk that will fit in the palm of your hand. These are both calibrated for measuring out food or liquid.

The XL X-Bowl is the newest in the range and is the same size as the plate, only with a lot higher silicone walls - used on its own this would be the ideal bowl for weight conscious yet practical outdoorists!

With a total combined weight of 462g the X-Series are the ideal vessels to eat and drink from when out on the hill, while also reducing space taken up in a bag.

  • X-Cup - £10.49
  • X-Mug - £11.49
  • X-Bowl - £11.99
  • XL X-Bowl - £14.99
  • X Plate - £17.99

For stockist or other enquiries: 0116 234 4611 or email

+Sea to Summit X-Series - Bowl and Plate, 60 kb
Sea to Summit X-Series - Bowl and Plate
UKC Gear, Mar 2012
© Sea to Summit +Sea to Summit X-Series - packaged bowl, 137 kb
Sea to Summit X-Series - packaged bowl
UKC Gear, Mar 2012
© Sea to Summit
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This announcement has been read 3,016 times
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