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Born out of a passion for climbing on the world-class mountains, cliffs and boulders of North Wales, Beacon is located near Llanberis within the heart of the Welsh climbing scene and has been producing climbing holds and operating Beacon Climbing Centre since 1994.

Our 20 years of accumulated experience and knowledge, as both end user and manufacturer, allows us to exactly understand the process behind shaping and manufacturing premium climbing holds. That is what we produce.

Beacon climbing holds are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard using the highest quality materials and are tried and tested on climbing walls throughout the UK.

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Dual attachment system.
All our climbing holds (except for those attached using just screws) feature a dual bolt washer that allows either M10 countersunk or cap head bolts to be used to mount the holds. This metal insert creates a more even stress distribution within the hold - thus increasing the force required to break the hold through the bolt.

Safety coil.
All our climbing holds from size S and bigger are fitted with a safety coil manufactured into the hold. In the unlikely event that a hold should break in use, the safety coil binds the broken pieces and prevents large parts of the hold falling.

Secondary fixing point.
All our climbing holds feature a secondary fixing point in addition to the main bolt hole. This smaller fixing point accepts a regular wood screw and prevents the climbing hold spinning in use.

Quality control.
Each hold is individually inspected and stamped with a traceable quality control stamp on the base of the hold along with the date of manufacture. Samples from batches of holds are regularly tested to failure in order to ensure that our stringent standards are maintained.

Polyurethane hollow back technology.
Many of our larger holds are now moulded in polyurethane with a lightweight hollow back design. Polyurethane is much stronger and more durable than standard polyester resin and it is also flexible making it less prone to chipping and breaking. The flex also reduces stress by allowing the hold to conform to slight irregularities on the wall surface when tightened down.




Catalogue Download.


Download Catalogue (PDF 10.3MB) Download Price List (PDF 309KB)


Factory Direct Orders.


  • 30% discount on our normal retail prices for climbing hold orders.
  • No limitations on stock availability or colour choice - 14 colours available.
  • 4-5 week standard delivery schedule.
  • 1-2 week express delivery schedule available
  • 30 day payment terms available for trade customers (first 2 orders subject to pro forma payment).

Please visit our website for further information and to download our order sheet.

For more information visit Beacon Climbing Holds
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This announcement has been read 1,838 times

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