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An outcome of trial photo shoot on Aiguille du Midi. Testing the lights before Mont Blanc du Tacul ice cave climbing., 234 kbAn outcome of trial photo shoot on Aiguille du Midi. Testing the lights before Mont Blanc du Tacul ice cave climbing.
Luminita Toma & Kamil Tamiola
© Kamil Tamiola & Luminita Toma
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User Comments

Awesome photo!
PD - 03/Jun/12
Cheers! We spent 1h optimizing the light setup! It was shot with a single Nikon SB-910 speed light triggered with Pocket Wizard
Kamil Tamiola - 03/Jun/12
A good photo spoilt by artificial light IMO
Urgles - 03/Jun/12
Thanks for comment Pylon King. Perhaps we could have not used the flash. However, it is just a test :) I am very pleased with the result as it was my first attempt on ice cave photography :) More shots are on their way :)
Kamil Tamiola - 03/Jun/12
Quite an eyecatcher with the weird blue light of the ice.
Maybe a snoot on the speedlight would cut some of the white light on the ice.
Garbhanach - 03/Jun/12
John Mcshea - 04/Jun/12
Dear Garbhanach, indeed snoot would help! However, as it will be shown in a "behind-the-scenes" movie, I have already dragged 50kg of climbing gear, tent, food + 15kg of photo video equipment ... So... I made a concise choice for my light setup, hence, plain NIKON SB910 with a basic set of color filters!
Kamil Tamiola - 04/Jun/12
Still a nice shot, I have a snoot made from a bit of black plastic folder I found in WH Smith which is rolled up and kept in place with some sticky velcro, very light.
Garbhanach - 04/Jun/12
Garbhanach, thanks for the feedback! I will definitely equip myself with a snoot :)
Kamil Tamiola - 04/Jun/12
Fantastic picture, well done!
Steve Perry - 04/Jun/12
Excellent image!
dek - 04/Jun/12
Very contrivred but excellent!
Sean Kelly - 05/Jun/12
Stunning - one of the best shots I've seen in a long time
Brian - 06/Jun/12
Thank you all, for votes and comments! I need to process more shots from this session!
Kamil Tamiola - 07/Jun/12
However I don't like the colour distortion right of the subject. assuming that you have the camera on a tripod and other frames sans-speedlight it can be corrertified, alternativly tweek the RAW image in that area with a liberal feather and adjust the colour tone.
Baron Hill of Stake - 08/Jun/12
I understand. I also admit that a simple snoot would probably do the trick :) I have just made one and will experiment with it!
Kamil Tamiola - 08/Jun/12
Nice shot. I personally like the lighting. A lot of back seat photographers on here though. Can you tell us about the lens and settings?
cap'nChino - 08/Jun/12
Dear cap'nChino! Thanks! Shot on Canon 5D mk II + 17-40L f.40 lens. Settings, 1/200 sec, ISO100, f13 + remotely triggered SB910 with distance based exposure
Kamil Tamiola - 08/Jun/12
amazing! I can't work out where the flash is though.. Is it hidden in a nook in the ice to the right of the climber?
SQueeZe - 14/Jun/12
Dear Squeeze! Thanks for comment! Yes, the flash is fixed in a hole with 2 ice screws.
Kamil Tamiola - 14/Jun/12
Congratulations! This photo was chosen as Photo of the Week, based on votes by registered users over the past 7 days.
UKC Photos - 17/Jun/12
Thank you very much for your votes and comments! It pleases me so much to have my work featured as the photo of the week!
Kamil Tamiola - 17/Jun/12
Would have been a far better photo without the daft subject in the way! Love the ice on the roof.
Paul Crusher R - 18/Jun/12
Thank you Paul R for your comment! It is a pity you don't like the subject! I also love the ice, so do the editors of National Geographic ;)
Kamil Tamiola - 18/Jun/12
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This picture is copyright. Photo added June 03 2012.