Di Roccia di Sole - Climbing in Sicily

Author Cappuccio & Gallo
Published Versante Sud (2012)
ISBN 978-88-96634-53-0

Great guide in series first started some years ago. New edition covers sport and 'modern'(mixed sport and trad) but not trad. Not comprehensive but plenty to go at for visitors. Good key for crag characteristics, family friendly, facing direction, route types etc.Worth checking crags out before you take the kids though as a pram symbol maybe optimistic in some cases!

Other editions of this guidebook
Di Roccia di Sole - Climbing in Sicily (2004)

Crags covered by this Guide
Messina crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Palermo crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Monte d'Oro19LimestoneS
Quota 2804LimestoneW
San Vito lo Capo crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Crown of Aragon31LimestoneS
Lost World15LimestoneSW
Monte Monaco Sperone Est1LimestoneE
Nuova Ossessione6LimestoneE
San Vito lo Capo Salinella517LimestoneW
Syracuse crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Timpa rossa30LimestoneSE
Trapani crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Parco Cerriolo39Limestoneall