Jersey and Guernsey

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These details were last updated on 09/Dec/2011
Author Ian Smith and Alan Hill
Published Cordee (1987)
ISBN 0-904405-39-7


Some approaches have changed. [bpmclimb]

For up to date access and new route descriptions get in touch with the Guernsey Mountaineering club -

Of note are the 100 routes Martin Crocker's put up in recent years - 64 at at E4 or harder, and many are of *** quality.

This guidebook is out of print as of summer 2011 - shops may have the odd copy in their stocks.

Crags covered by this Guide

Guernsey crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Apprentice Slab7GneissSE
Atlantic Wall15GneissSW
Belle Elizabeth2GneissS
Bicycle Wall10GneissSE
Boulder Wall - La Prevote Watch-Tower Area19GneissS
Bouldering Circuit2Granodioriteall
Cannon Rock3GneissW
Cave Wall4GneissNW
Dog Buttress - Icart Point14GneissW
Doyle Rock5GneissS
Excalibur Buttress25GneissSW
Fair Deal for Dwarves Buttress10GneissS
Fairy Caves3GraniteNW
Fire Wall3GneissS
Fort Doyle9DioritesN
Fort Le Marchant17DioritesW
Fort Pembroke15GranodioriteW
Gaul Wall21GneissSW
Grandes Rocques (Boulder Gulley)7GneissW
Grey Slab8GneissSE
Gull Cliff28GneissSW
Gull Stack10GneissN
Gull Zawn 68GneissSW
Gully Wall20GneissSW
Hanois Cliff22GneissSW
Havelet Wall1GraniteS
Help a Guernsey Child Wall (Rue Mainguy Scout HQ)25Artificialall
Homptolle (Bouldering)0Dioritesall
Icart Chateau (Goat crags & Kid Island)43GneissSW
Inominate Point15GneissSW
La Congrelle57Gneissall
La Moye Point area10GneissSW
Le Bigard Area (Sunset Bay to Sea Wall) 67GneissS
Le Gouffre Area36GneissS
Le Guet5GraniteN
Le Souffleur12GneissS
Les Ecrilleurs10GneissSW
Les Grandes Cotils30GneissW
Les Sommeilleuses area30GneissSW
Les Tielles15GneissS
Liberator Gully10GneissS
Main Wall - Pleinmont Point 15GneissSW
Martello Wall11GranodioriteW
Mole Wall9GneissSE
Mont Herault Area100GneissSW
Mosaic Wall - Le Prevote3GneissW
Moulin Huet10GneissS
Pecqueries Boulder25Granodioriteall
Port Soif10Dioritesall
Portelet Pinnacles16GneissS
Rainbow Wall10GneissSW
Red Crag - La Corbiere15GneissSW
Seaplane wall10UNKNOWNS
Slippery Slab - Icart9GneissSE
Small Wall23GneissSW
Telephone Buttress5GneissW
The Peastacks30Gneissall
The Sphinx6Gneissall
Tower Buttress - Le Prevote10GneissS
Vale Castle0Granodioriteall
Total climbs1030