Rock Climbing Utah

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These details were last updated on 30/Sep/2013
Author Stewart M. Green
Published Falcon (1998)
ISBN 1-56044-594-7

Crags covered by this Guide

UT Central Utah crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Capitol Reef National Park - Basketball Wall4Sandstone (soft)W
Capitol Reef National Park - Cohab Canyon1Sandstone (soft)?
Capitol Reef National Park - Fracture Zone3Sandstone (soft)W
Capitol Reef National Park - Terrible Twos Wall6Sandstone (soft)SE
Capitol Reef National Park - Wingate Tower4Sandstone (soft)NW
Maple Canyon - Box Canyon46Sandstone (hard)all
Maple Canyon - The Bridge Area21Sandstone (hard)all
Maple Canyon - The Campground Area19Conglomerateall
Maple Canyon - The Petroglyth Wall14Sandstone (hard)E
San Rafael Swell - Dylan Wall21Sandstone (hard)S
San Rafael Swell - The Lightbulb1Sandstone (hard)W
UT Moab Area crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Arches National Park - Argon Tower2UNKNOWN?
Arches National Park - Dark Angel1UNKNOWN?
Arches National Park - Owl Rock1Sandstone (hard)?
Arches National Park - Park Avenue1UNKNOWN?
Arches National Park - The Great Wall2UNKNOWN?
Arches National Park - Tonka Tower1UNKNOWN?
Castle Valley - Castleton Tower11Sandstone (soft)?
Castle Valley - Sister Superior2UNKNOWN?
Castle Valley - The Priest1UNKNOWN?
Castle Valley - The Rectory4UNKNOWN?
Fisher Towers - Ancient Art2Sandstone (soft)?
Fisher Towers - Cottontail Tower1UNKNOWN?
Fisher Towers - Echo Tower1UNKNOWN?
Fisher Towers - Lizard Rock3UNKNOWN?
Fisher Towers - The Cobra2Sandstone (soft)?
Fisher Towers - The Titan1UNKNOWN?
Fisher Towers - Top of the World Overlook1UNKNOWN?
Indian Creek - Bridger Jack17Sandstone (hard)?
Kane Springs Canyon - Ice Cream Parlor17Sandstone (soft)E
Long Canyon - Maverick Buttress20Sandstone (hard)E
Long Canyon - The Shipyard4UNKNOWN?
River Road Crags - Big Bend Bouldering24UNKNOWN?
River Road Crags - Dolomite Tower1UNKNOWN?
River Road Crags - River Road Dihedrals4Sandstone (soft)NW
River Road Crags - The Lighthouse3UNKNOWN?
River Road Crags - The Sorcerer & Apprentice3UNKNOWN?
Wall Street - The King's Hand2UNKNOWN?
Wall Street - Wall Street100Sandstone (hard)SE
UT Southwest Utah crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Kolob Canyon24Sandstone (hard)W
The Cetacean Wall7LimestoneSE
The Overlook26Welded TuffNW
UT Wasatch Front crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Little Cottonwood Canyon500Graniteall
UT Zion crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Carbuncle Buttress6Sandstone (hard)W
East Temple2Sandstone (hard)S
Great White Throne14Sandstone (hard)W
Leaning Wall3Sandstone (hard)SW
Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags11Sandstone (hard)N
Practice Cliff3Sandstone (hard)W
Red Arch Mountain1Sandstone (hard)NW
The Spearhead1Sandstone (hard)SE
West of the River Cliff8Sandstone (hard)E
Total climbs979

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