Wetterstein Nord

Wetterstein Nord, 59 kb
Author Christian Pfanzelt
Published Panico (2003)
ISBN 3-926807-49-0

Website www.panico.de/de/panico_b...

Topo guide to the northern side of the Wetterstein massif above Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The most important area in this guidebook is the Oberreintal. Also covered are the area around the Meilerhütte, the climbs accessible from the Alpspitze cable car such as the Bernadeinwand, the Höllentorkopf and the Alpspitze itself, then finally the Zwölferkopf. This description covers the 2nd edition, from 2003. In 2008 the 3rd edition was published.

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Crags covered by this Guide
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Unterer Berggeistturm3Limestoneall
Unterer Schüsselkarturm4Limestoneall