Allgau Rock

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These details were last updated on 27/Apr/2011
Author Ulrich Roker, Harld Roker
Published GEBRO Verlag (2008)
ISBN 978-3-938680-11-7


Guidebook covers sports climbs in the Oberallgau, Ostallgau, Ruette/Tirol and Kanzele areas.

Crags covered by this Guide

Allgau crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Altes Tiefenbach31LimestoneNW
Neues Tiefenbach65LimestoneSE
Obere Schwanseeplatte, Fussen5UNKNOWNS
Seltmans49Sandstone (hard)E
Untere Schwanseeplatte, Fussen17LimestoneS
Total climbs167

Other editions of this guidebook
Allgau Rock GEBRO Verlag (2008)