North York Moors

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Rock Climbing on the North York Moors, 4 kb
Author ed P Simcock
Published (out of print) (1985)
ISBN 0-904405-92-3

This Guidebook is now out of print, and unavailable


The definitive guide to rock climbing in the Cleveland Hills and on the North York Moors.

Crags covered by this Guide

North Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Battersby5Sandstone (hard)NW
Beacon Scar45Sandstone (hard)NW
Botton Head26Sandstone (hard)N
Bridestones (North Yorkshire)103Sandstone (soft)SW
Camp Hill200Sandstone (hard)W
Captain Cook133Sandstone (hard)S
Carlton Crags12Sandstone (hard)NW
Clemitt's Crag400Sandstone (hard)SE
Cold Moor80Sandstone (hard)E
Cringle Crag20Sandstone (hard)N
Danby Crag80Sandstone (hard)N
Esklets29Sandstone (hard)W
Eston Nab45Sandstone (hard)N
Garfit Quarry13Sandstone (hard)S
High Crag56Sandstone (hard)SE
Highcliffe Nab91Sandstone (hard)N
Ingleby Incline129Sandstone (hard)W
Kay Nest74Sandstone (hard)SW
Kepwick15Sandstone (hard)W
Landslip7Sandstone (hard)E
Middle Head Crag22Sandstone (hard)S
Newton Dale (Aka - Pickering Woods)20Crumbly rubbishNW
Oak Crag38Sandstone (hard)W
Park Nab52Sandstone (hard)W
Peak Scar96LimestoneN
Raven's Scar111Sandstone (hard)N
Roseberry Topping73Sandstone (soft)SW
Rud Scar27Sandstone (hard)NW
Scugdale - Barker's Crags150Sandstone (hard)W
Scugdale - Scot Crags182Sandstone (hard)SW
Scugdale - Stoney Wicks22Sandstone (hard)SE
Silton20Sandstone (soft)W
Snotterdale25Sandstone (hard)S
Stoupe Brow50Sandstone (hard)N
Tarn Hole11Sandstone (hard)NW
Thorgill50Sandstone (hard)NE
Tranmire159Sandstone (hard)SW
Turkey Nab15Sandstone (hard)W
Wainstones158Sandstone (hard)W
White Hill (Landslip)30Sandstone (hard)NE
Whitestone Cliffe57LimestoneW
Total climbs2931